Each type of window blinds have their own pros and cons. Below are the pros and cons of faux wood blinds, if you are thinking to install window blinds, i think you should go thru the list below before you decide on installing which type of window blinds.

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  • Since faux wood are less costly to produce and are made from plastic or etc which is a cheaper material than wood material and do not need any finishing, thus they are cheaper to buy than natural wood.
  • Faux wood lasts longer than natural wood in terms of humidity, higher temperature, corrosion, warping and splinter, and comes with a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer.
  • There is a lighter faux wood option when selecting for furniture.
  • Although it has no real grain pattern, it has a fake grain pattern which comes in many different forms of designs and colours.
  • Due to its PVC composite type material, it is unbreakable when more pressure is applied and is easier to polish with harsher chemicals.
  • Its size can easily be reduced at your home or at store.


  • Natural wood such as bamboo can grows fast while being an environmentally biodegradable sustainable source of material compared to the chemical byproducts of faux wood.
  • It does not look as good as natural wood blinds since it can turn to yellow after being exposed to sunlight for a long period which normally occurs after more than one year of purchase.
  • If you choose the heavier one which is made of PVC or PVC composite, you will have trouble in raising and lowering it, and it is prone to mechanical failures for longer blinds in larger windows when the slats are jammed