Faux wood blinds are actually made of artificial composite materials similar to PVC piping which are PVC or synthetic polymers. Faux wood blinds no longer made from the fake plastic looking blinds as in former times but is presently made from a high quality polyvinyl material that can stand fading, warping and cracking. These materials make them last longer as well as less expensive than wood blinds.

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There are two common types of Faux Wood blinds available in the market:-

  • Composite – the slats are made from a blend of wood pulp and PVC. It’s lighter than PVC.
  • PVC – the slats are made out of PVC and it’s heavier compare to Composite. but it’s less expensive.

Moreover, there are a variety of colors, sizes and designs for you to choose particularly for your bathrooms or kitchens since they are moisture resistant. 2 inches faux wood blinds is being widely used at slat, however there are different size choices such as 2.5 and 3 inch sizes. In addition to decorative cloth tapes, rout-less (no holes), valance and other options.

If you are still considering to get a window blinds that having real wood feeling, then i’d recommend you to get faux wood blinds. It’s cheaper than the real wood and yet it give the look and real that just like real wood blind gives. This amazing faux wood blinds also provide privacy, great insulation, light control and a visual appeal to your home.

Here is an interesting fact about the word faux wood. The word “faux wood” has been misspelled and mispronounced by some people as fauxwood, fox wood, foxwood, fax wood, faxwood, faux-wood and etc for many many years ago.